Sunday, March 2, 2014

State Crazy for MDS Monday

I haven't played along with MDS Monday in a while (I know, bad me, its a great challenge blog!) but when I saw the states/province challenge I just couldn't resist. I love geography, especially US geography, and learning new things about the states excites me. After looking at the DT examples I'll be researching Canada some more too (Tara, I'll go with you to Nunavut, it looks like I place I'd get a kick out of!).

I didn't have the Fifty Nifty download so  what a great excuse to get it :) I went with my state, Alaska, and the photos are from a trip we took up to Fairbanks in Oct. 2011. It was the one year anniversary of my dad's passing and my birthday is in the same time frame and I didn't want to be home. On our way north we stopped had some marvelous views of Denali ( aka known as Mt. McKinley to those who don't live here, aka as the highest mountain in North America) and so that's one of my pics on the page. We also went by North Pole AK to Santa's house to see him and do some shopping. For dinner one night we went to Denny's, the most northern one in the world! Some people may see Denny's and go "ew" (said in my best Jimmy Fallon voice) but I tell you, it was one of the best meals we've had and our waitress was fantastic!

The highway to get from my house to Fairbanks is 2 lanes most of the time and its a pretty long drive with no real services offered along the way. When we went up we didn't see many other folks on the road(its different during the summer, tourists galore clogging the highway) and you need to make sure you are prepared for anything. Our weather changes rapidly and our wildlife is plentiful, which means hitting a moose or caribou is a worry. Its a beautiful drive though and one I highly recommend to anyone that comes to visit our state!


  1. Great page, Lisa. I love the topography map in the background and your little road signs. Thanks for playing alone with us at MDS Monday.

  2. What a fun page! Makes me want to visit, but not right now. I've had enough cold for the moment. Thanks for joining MDS Monday this week.

  3. Lisa, this is a wonderful page! Love the background paper and your fun photos of the places you visited - the Northern most Denny's is pretty cool ;) Thanks for sharing with us at MDS Monday this week.


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