Friday, October 12, 2012

Faux Washi Sketch for Friday Mashup

Hello and happy Friday to everyone! This will be my first full day as a 39 year old....yep, my birthday was 10-11-12. How cool is that date? LOL And to top the night off I got to transition from Thurs night into the wee hrs of Fri morning watching the Northern Lights dance in the sky above my house, gotta love that!

Tara is bringing us a technique and a sketch this week for the Friday Mashup. She wants us to try making faux washi tape. Now I cannot lie, she posted this and I had to ask what the heck washi tape was, as apparently I am living under a rock here and had no clue. The DT filled me in and I went "um, hmm, ok then", LOL. I don't think its something I would buy and this technique is a perfect way to get the look without hoarding...I mean adding ;) your stash. You can find her tutorial for it HERE.

Now as I did the technique I learned by the time I got to my second strip that making sure the paper is completely saturated is the key. Apparently my first strip wasn't quite wet enough and it took me forever to get all the white off the back. With my second strip I added more water and the process went much quicker. Like Tara I also used matte tape, as that's just what I happened to have on hand :)

If you don't want to try the faux washi tape that's ok, Tara has a great sketch and you can do that instead or you can go for the gusto and mash it all up :)

Make sure you head over to The Friday Mashup blog to see all the great projects from the rest of the design team!

  1. Make a project with the "Sketch".
  2. Or Make a project using "Faux Washi Tape".
  3. Or "Mash it Up" and create a project using the "Sketch and Faux Washi Tape



  1. I love it, Lisa! Those brads beside the cat are awesome! Glad you tried out the technique ;) Looks fab!

  2. Great job with the washi tape Lisa! And that cat looks perfectly placed with this sketch. Happy Birthday for last week!

  3. I love this cat and am so glad you used him this week! Fun take on Tara's challenge. I need to buy some tape and try it!


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