Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Asking for thoughts

No card today, but I am asking for thoughts...

I live in Alaska, but spent my teen yrs growing up in Colorado Springs CO. That town is now going through a horrific event, with a wildfire working its way through the west side. I have many friends and family members still there and they are all affected by the fire in one way or another.

Please, keep the people of Colorado Springs in your thoughts.

The first 2 photos were sent to me by a relative:

These 2 photos were taken from the United States Air Force Academy:

 This one was the view from the commissary on the Air Force Academy:
 View from a Walmart on the north end of town near the Air Force Academy:



  1. Lisa, I will be keeping your family and friends in my thoughts and prayers.. that they will be safe from harm. Those photos are scary. I can't imagine what it is like to be there. We enjoyed a visit to Colorado Springs in the summer of 1991. It is such a pretty place. My husband and I were just talking about our visit there just a few days ago.
    Take care.

  2. The fires are terrible, I have family in Canyon City, Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek area. They are all thankfully safe.

  3. Being born and raised in Colorado and watching the Wildfires in many areas of the state is simply...sad. Now, that I am a resident of Oregon, I wish I could send Colorado our Summer showers.

    My thoughts are with our friends.


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