Sunday, November 15, 2020

Power Poppy Part 2- Day 4

Welcome to the 4th day of the Quiet Christmas release, part 2! Today's set is called Cuddle in the Cabin and I have to say, I keep going between this one and Forest Fellas as my favorite set. Both speak to my soul of things I absolutely adore!

I just love the images in this set....the snowy cabin scene, deer, a lovely pine tree and mountains to create your own backdrop. I don't live in a cabin but everything else about the set sure speaks to life in Alaska, especially since winter is my favorite season! When I was working nights I would come home at 2:30am and just sit on my front porch enjoying the way the moonlight caused the snow to sparkle, and to listen to the absolute stillness of the neighborhood.

For my card I went with a night scene where the moon is shining nice and bright. Those are my favorite nights, where the moon is so bright that it reflects off the snow and the sky is this gorgeous dark blue color and even in the middle of an Alaskan winter you can see for miles and miles because the snow covered landscape is all lit up. It's even better when the aurora decides to join the party and dances across the sky, a partner to the moon. I used a silver gel pen to add some shine to the edges of the roof, porch, trees and fence.

Are you ready to see what the rest of the Bloom Brigade did with this fabulous set? Let's go check it out!


  1. ACK! This is beautiful Lisa. Your night sky look amazing and I do like the scallop framing layer. Beautiful!

  2. I love it! I can SEE the Alaskan influence! (Our trip to Alaska in 2012 remains one of our BEST vacations ever! I would have moved there in a heartbeat, but my husband reminded me that winter and summer in Alaska are not the same....hee hee)


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