Monday, January 27, 2020

Moose Be Your Birthday

I've had this stamp from Gerda Steiner Designs for a bit now and I finally got it inked up over the weekend! How sweet is this guy? I also love this stamp set because it has a cow moose in it! So many moose stamp sets just have a bull moose and people try and turn the bull moose into a girl and I'm like nope, that's not how this works, if it has antlers it's a boy. Bit of a pet peeve of mine!

The layout is from the most recent Sunday Stamps sketch. It was the perfect way to highlight the sentiment as well as the image.

This past Friday I was driving down the street I work on and since I work nights I usually get to see all kinds of moose out and about but this winter they really haven't been seen and so I was mulling that over as I drove home. Well, not more than half a mile down the highway I see a large shape come darting out from the woods on the left of the road and I start trying to bring the Mustang to a stop on the icy, snow covered highway. A beautiful cow moose passed no more than a foot from the front of my car while I had a slight heart attack. All I could think of was if hitting the moose doesn't kill me my husband will for wrecking the Mustang LOL Thankfully both the car and the moose are fine and the universe let me know to be careful what to wish for, oy!

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  1. How FUN is this???? Love that big moose and the color combo!


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