Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sharing an Article

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This is an excellent article and I wanted to share it because I deal with this frequently, as do many of my crafting friends. It's one thing to be inspired by someone and to try and create something similar while giving credit to the original idea, it's downright rude to blatantly steal a design. I have found my pictures and designs used before, with people claiming it as their own and that is wrong. I share my work because I love to make cards and I know there are others out there who enjoy the same thing. I see wonderful cards every day that inspire me but I would NEVER copy someones card and claim it to be my own original design. I would also never steal someones photograph. Despite what people think posting a photo on your FB or blog does NOT make it a public photo for anyone to grab and use how they want.

Be creative. Have fun. But don't steal from others.

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  1. Lisa I love how you used the papers, I have pieces left over from the workshop and this is a great idea. FANTASTIC!!!


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