Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Recycling with Jingle Belles

Whew, its been non-stop for me the last few days and I had to find some time to sit down and get the Jingle Belles challenge done! The challenge came from a suggestion from Kathe Deck:

kathe's theme idea was inspired by the junk mail she received one morning at her office; she threw away (recycled) the innards, but the envelope was red vellum! she had to take it home, thinking "It would be good for something...oh, it would be great for a Christmas card... wouldn't it be really great if the Jingle Belles gave us reuse/recycle theme? Maybe they'd tie it to Earth Day or something like that..." since we actually hadn't thought of that yet, we are thrilled she sent it along!

so this week we'd like to inspire you to look around your house--or your office-- and see what you can re-use, re-purpose, re-cycle or up-cycle. maybe there's a fabulous red vellum envelope in YOUR mailbox, some string or twine in the kitchen, or even a bit of corrugated cardboard in the garage? Is there a gorgeous glossy advertisement in the magazine you've just finished, or some packaging from your art supplies that is so beautifully designed you can't bear to throw it out? it's time to think outside the box, belles... or even about the box, itself!!! :)

The main thing that I hoard...drumroll please, because its such a shocker....CHRISTMAS CARDS!! Ok, so that really wont surprise anyone that knows me. I LOVE Christmas cards and it makes me sad that my Christmas card list gets shorter every yr, because so many people are turning to email/ecards. Just not my thing :(  So anyway, I went into one of my stashes and found a card with this great scene! I just loved the  polar bears with the penguins......let me tell you, if I had a dollar for every person that has asked me about seeing penguins since I live in Alaska, LOL. Sorry folks, we have polar bears north of me, but no penguins in Alaska. But back to the card....I trimmed the scene from the original card, layered it on some Night of Navy and then put it on Riding Hood Red cardstock that had been embossed with the CB Swiss Dots folder. A quick and easy card just by recycling a previous card!



  1. what a great card, super cute image, and i bet it looks better now with the extra texture than it did the first time around! thanks for joining in for the Earth Day challenge :)

  2. Compliment right back at you! What a great idea to cut out the main image and raise it up - looks so cute! the red cardstock is a great background to set it all off

  3. Super cute!! And what a great way to bring new life to an "old" card. You gave this lots of dimension and depth by trimming around the focal image. And the other colors and added embossing gave this so much "POP!" Very pretty & fun, too! :)

  4. now that is *FAB* what a brilliant idea to "re-make" a card out of the bits of ones you already love! i save loads of xmas cards, too, some of them are just tooooo beautiful to throw away, aren't they?

    & i don't think it can fairly be called HOARDING if one is USING them as gorgeously as this, missus, so i think we have to refer to it as "thriftily SAVING for just the right future use"... agreed??!?! :) :) :)

  5. Oh, yea! An up-cycle recycled card that is super pretty :)

  6. Definitely worth recycling ... so very cute and I love the dimension ... and it's just magical framed in red ... thanks for celebrating Earth Day with the jingle belles.

  7. polar bears eat penguins, right?!! lol

    super fun card :)

  8. Don't you just hate throwing away such pretty cards. I know I have several years' worth stacked up to do just what you've done, but never got around to it. This came out wonderfully and has inspired me to go back through that stack.


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