Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Whats On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 88

If you've visited me for this challenge before then it wont be a surprise to see that my desk is still quite messy :) Today I took the picture after working on a Christmas card so the ink I used is still out, plus some embossing powder I was going to use but then I didnt like the way it looked on the card and ditched it, LOL.

I was thinking about cleaning up my desk this weekend but yeah, that just wont work,LOL. On Sunday my family and I are headed right down the road to Big Lake, where we'll drive onto the lake to watch the start of the Iron Dog, the worlds longest and toughest snowmachine race! I guess I'll just have to let my space stay messy for a bit longer, hehehe(and yes, I know there is plenty of time between now and Sun, shhhhhhh).

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